JBS Studio

In today's musical world, the role of a producer is often unclear. How do the roles of a producer and that of a recording engineer differ? Most times, a producer plays a more intimate and creative role in the musical aspects of a project, while an engineer's job is more focused upon the technical applications of recording. A producer can assist with songwriting and arrangements and can help to make important creative decisions during the recording process. Often a producer's role doesn't begin in the studio. Instead, a producer is involved in the rehearsal process, and helps the performing musician(s) prepare the material and arrangements for recording (ie. pre-production). James will gladly take on the role of producer and/or engineer for your next project, contributing as much as or little to the creative process as you desire. James has studied years of theory and composition, and possesses a keen ear for arrangements. Similarly, he often has unorthodox sonic and technical ideas that could compliment your music.