JBS Studio

Do you need an experienced guitarist
          to record on your next track?
Are you a songwriter, but need a vocalist
          to record a demo of your work?

James is a versatile guitarist and singer, and will gladly perform on your recordings. James owns a variety of guitars and plays in any style from heavy rock, to acoustic folk, to classical. James also has a wide vocal range, and has performed in a multitude of vocal groups, singing anywhere from bass to high tenor, in a plethora of musical styles from classical choral, to pop a cappella, to heavy metal. Do you want a live flautist, string quartet, or piano accompanist for your recording? How about a didjeridoo or a South Indian Mrndangam? James has an extensive network of exceptional musicians to work with you on any project. No instrument is too obscure. Just ask! Performance rates vary depending on the project, so please send over a detailed description of the project and its needs so that James may quote you accurately.