JBS Studio

Do you have a project full of raw tracks that somehow need to coalesce into a unified and cohesive song?

Sometimes crafting a perfect mix from a set of disparate source material is harder work than recording the material in the first place! A good mix requires extreme attention to detail, a series of definable goals, and a plan of attack. Every song and recording is different and demands a unique mixing approach. One can't simply rely upon a set of general rules and procedures. James has worked on many different types of mixes, from 3 to 100 tracks. He prides his work on patience and precision, and will provide you with the clarity, detail, and overall impact that you want from your music. Any desired sound is within reach. JBS White Plains Studio uses a small collection of high-end analog compressors, and can run a virtually unlimited number of cutting-edge software plugins, from the Waves Diamond Bundle to the highly regarded UAD-2 effects and Lexicon Reverbs to help you achieve your musical goals.