JBS Studio

Do you have a home-recording that you would like
        to elevate to the proverbial "next level"?

Do you want to get an objective set of "fresh ears"
        on a mix that you've made elsewhere?

JBS White Plains Studio has a wealth of top-of-the-line digital and analog mastering gear and an engineer capable of making the proper sonic decisions for your music. Often times a mixing engineer simply becomes too involved in the details of a project to notice the most basic of sonic adjustments that, when made, could drastically improve the overall quality of the final product. By adding a knowledgeable mastering engineer, you establish a system of checks and balances which can catch unwanted, and otherwise unnoticed, mix problems and enable your master to sound great on any system. James is experienced in modern mastering technology, and can prepare your work for output in any number of digital formats including CD audio, WAV, mp3 and more. Each CD master is burned at 1x speed onto top-quality CD-R stock in accordance with the original Red Book specifications and delivered directly to you or your duplication facility of choice.