JBS Studio
Now At Our Brand New Upgraded Facility in SOHO, in the heart of downtown NYC. New Website and new business name: Firecat Audio

Still serving Westchester County with Mobile Recording. Inquire for details!

James Byron Schoen has pursued a lifelong interest in music and the recording arts. Experimenting with tape-recording at age two, devising a makeshift multi-track recording technique at age eight, and working in full professional recording environments from his mid-teens onward, James has always been surrounded by his passion. He has been composing music virtually as long as he's known how to speak, and his output includes three full length progressive rock albums (with many more to come and a wealth of unreleased material), acoustic guitar-infused folk rock songs, multiple choral, orchestral, and instrumental chamber works, solo classical guitar and piano pieces, and a cappella arrangements. James is a proficient and eclectic guitarist with almost 20 years of performance experience in styles ranging from heavy rock, to jazz, to acoustic and intricate folk, to classical and flamenco. He has also received accolades for his vocal ability, leading to his performance with both the 2000 New York All-State Choir in Rochester and 2001 All-Eastern Choir in Pittsburgh, PA.

James currently performs nationally and internationally as vocalist and guitarist in New York based progressive rock band Edensong. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan University in Music and Computer Science. It was there that he was able to study performance, music history, theory and composition, experimental/computer music, and world music traditions, each of which plays a large role in his current musical endeavors. James has always embraced the technological aspects of
music-making, and has incorporated computers as tools of both composition and recording. In fact, it was the use of computers to compose and record his undergraduate thesis that earned him Wesleyan's honors in Music in 2005.

JBS Recording was originally conceived by James Byron Schoen as a facility at which to place the finishing touches on Edensong's "The Fruit Fallen" album, released in June 2008. However, rather than let a wealth of studio equipment sit around and gather dust, James welcomingly embraced the idea of opening the facility to the musical public. Thus, JBS Recording was born and James has been providing progressional audio services to a wide range of clients for almost a decade. The studio is currently accepting new project proposals! Remember, no project is too large or too small, and JBS Recording will gladly work to accommodate projects of any style and any budget. Hope to hear from you soon!