JBS Studio

Do you need a personalized and evocative soundtrack
        for film, videogame, commercial,
        or other multimedia work?

James is a talented, creative composer/songwriter who will create an original score and/or recording to effectively accompany any work. He can write in many styles, from classical to rock (or some hybrid thereof), so please specify your needs. James has a vast virtual instrument and sample library, and can deliver the composition in any medium required. Additionally, James can use the recording facilities at JBS White Plains Studio to create a recording of live instruments for the soundtrack. The music and its recording can be as simple or complex as you wish.

James also offers orchestration and arrangement services. He has extensive orchestration experience, including his work on the orchestral elements of his rock band Edensong. James also specializes in a cappella arrangements, having done a handful of work for Wesleyan University a cappella group Quasimodal. Rates vary greatly per project and are determined based on the type of work desired, time needed, and recording requirements. Please send a detailed description of the project, so that James can get you an accurate quote.